The Vision

There's great work being done in the FinTech industry to optimize banking. Making it quicker, cheaper, better.  It's much needed and long overdue. However it is based on an assumption that our existing understanding of Banks, Money and Wealth are correct. Perhaps it's not? We believe there's a better way! Wealth disparity, financial inclusion, social cohesion, civil liberties - these are all big problems society faces and right now banks are at best indifferent, at worse part of the problem. We founded Secco with the view to reinvent banking, to start with a blank sheet of paper, imagine a genuinely new type of bank as a force for good. Our vision for Secco is...

A world where your worth is the contents of your character, not the contents of your wallet

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The Founders

Chris Gledhill (CEO)

Chris Gledhill (CEO)

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Chris is a top global FinTech influencer, former lead of Lloyds Banking Group’s disruptive innovation XLabs and TEDx speaker on the future of currencies.


Vicky Barton (CCO)

Vicky Barton (CCO)

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Vicky is a seasoned business operator who has launched multiple award winning businesses including O2 Broadband and Tesco Mobile.


The Platform

We’ve taken some of the best emerging technologies and are pushing them further. On the platform users create value tokens containing their data - to store these we’re creating a Reverse Cloud architecture to give ownership of data back to customers.

To secure the tokens we’ve extended blockchain technology to something we call blocktree. This enables online AND offline certified creation and transmission of digital assets.

Finally, we’ve taken the concept of the Internet of Things and created a visible Internet of People with a Pokemon Go like hyper-location channel, Aura.


The Opportunity

We’ve achieved a great deal in a short-timescale with limited resources. We have built an alpha version of Aura and have validated that it is technically possible. We’ve shaped a proposition and proven that customers like the concept. We have a tangible framework not only for the future of banking but for whole new business models in data, advertising, retail and the social economy - now we need your help...

We are opening a Series A funding round. We're looking for investment to take us from Alpha to Beta. We want an investor that shares our vision and can bring not just capital but their own experience.