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Your True Self

Don't judge a book by its cover - broadcast your Aura and reveal your true value

Trade your own value

Where You Are

Scan for Auras and discover the value of people and businesses around you

Broadcast your aura

Creating Value

Create your own tokens and grow your value as you interact Aura to Aura



Money doesn’t make the world go round - You Do

aura gives you social superpowers

Do you share your make-up tips with mates? Taught a co-worker to code? Fund-raised and proudly wear the t-shirt? It feels good right! It’s rewarding. It’s valuable. You’re valuable.

Secco recognises that everyone has value and helps you have rewarding interactions everywhere you go.

Aura gives you social superpowers

See someone with great style - pop a compliment on their Aura and receive a coupon in return. Struggling with your website - swap the answer to ‘7 across’ for tips from the designer doing the crossword at the next table. Not quite got the hang of the University laundrette - trade your lecture notes for a load of clean clothes.
The value tokens you create contain your true worth - your time, skills, knowledge, stuff, needs, wants, hopes and dreams - and when you interact with these Aura to Aura you are rewarded and your value grows.

Don’t let valuable interactions pass you by - make a friend, support a cause, exchange a skill, achieve your goals and realise your dreams.